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journal bylines;

♥ keep an open mind. this is a no-brainer.

♥ you can add me, but don't expect me to add you back unless we know each other pretty well or I'm comfortable with you seeing my entries.

♥ know how to spell, please. :(

♥ if you're here for the art, well there isn't any here. go over to [ profile] allthempunks.

♥ if I comment-disable it means I'm freaked out/pissed off and I don't want to hear what anyone else thinks.

♥ i want a dog.

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I do draw for other people for a fee, so if you're one of those willing to, here's the info on it!

What do you draw?
I'm more of an anime/manga-style artist than anything else. My strengths are in black/white pieces, monochrome colors and simple shading. I am also not the best choice for mecha-type or anthro-type art; go find someone else for those. I am also not going to draw anything explicitly sexual, though suggestive themes are welcome.

How much do you charge?

Under this cut. )

Comment here if you're interested, or email me at kidcorva[AT]yahoo[DOT]com! That's pretty much it. 8D
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new icons will be posted at [ profile] corelite
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001-054 - Young Avengers / Runaways
055-060 - Thor
061-104 - Iron Man 1 & 2
105-126 - The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

001-004 - Needy Lesnicki (Jennifer's Body)
005-023 - Let The Right One In
024-049 - Kale (A Perfect Getaway)
050-070 - Chris Evans (various)

05 banners - Needy Lesnicki, Natasha Romanoff (2), Tony Stark (2)
11 plurk icons - Sam Claflin, Ana Torv, stock, Ben Whishaw, Tom Hardy (3), Chris Evans (4)

Let me see you stripped down to the bone. )

Let me hear you crying just for me. )

11 plurk icons + 5 banners )
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Icon Count:
01-18 : James McAvoy
19-34 : Kahlan Amnell (Legend of The Seeker)
35-72 : Joseph Gordon Levitt
73-85 : Ellen Page
86-94 : Marion Cotillard
95-115 : Chris Evans
116 : Scarjo + JRenner
117-150 : Phil Noto (DC, Marvel, Game of Thrones)

Plurk Icons:
30 - Snow White & The Huntsman, Phil Noto (DC & Marvel), Rick Genest/Zombie Boy, Inception Cast

They only want to love us if we're beautiful. )

We're not mannequins built in a factory. )
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So I finish half of this batch, and then the Avengers trailer comes out. :( Also Steve's abs are double-posted so I could get an even number.

1-38 : Loki-centric
39-40 : misc
41-101 : Thor (comics)
102-167 : Avengers 2012 (includes on-location shoots)

we're in this together now )
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*If some of the bases look weird, it's because I got impatient and screencapped the 480x220 blu-ray rip instead of the really huge one. Also lighting/color correction is hard. :(
*My XFC download needs to finish already ;;

i don't know what else to ask for )
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A quick batch to destress and oh god why are my favorite scenes so dark ;A;!

everyday we're shuffling )
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All icons are of Thor. Part 1/5??? iconposts for the movie. This is a small batch, anyway. :|

I think I'll keep this journal as an icon journal too.

i mean, check it out )
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*Notes: I tried to get Moira and the rest of the Hellfire Club done for this batch, as well as more of Darwin and Angel, but screencaps were lacking and/or in bad quality. :(

we're at the gates of human evolution )
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Comment with a link to the image you want done up, specify the dimensions/image size, and (optional) your desired theme.
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Screencaps and icons:
01. photobucket account
02. download links (movie)
03. Marvel Filmverse master post
04. Movie screencaps used for icons were made by me; promotional stills and other photos are courtesy of Google.
05. herp


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