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I do draw for other people for a fee, so if you're one of those willing to, here's the info on it!

What do you draw?
I'm more of an anime/manga-style artist than anything else. My strengths are in black/white pieces, monochrome colors and simple shading. I am also not the best choice for mecha-type or anthro-type art; go find someone else for those. I am also not going to draw anything explicitly sexual, though suggestive themes are welcome.

How much do you charge?

I do three types of commissions:
A) B/W (black/white)
B) B/W with tones
C) Digitally colored/cel-shade type illustrations

I do marker-colored commissions, also, but because of the availability issues with markers the pricing is a bit more flexible; they start out at 10.00 USD basic, at the least.

Anyway, here:
Inks ONLY:
Waist-Up/Knee-Up/Full-Body, Detailed, no background (examples): 20.00 USD
Example One Example Two

Basic Details, Minimal Background OR Full Details, no background - 25.00 USD

Full Details - 35.00 USD

B/W with Tones:
Spot-toning, preset background - 25.00 USD

Basic Details Basic, Full Body - 30.00 USD

Full Details - 40.00

Colored - Digital:
Simple, no background Example Two - 25.00 USD

Basic Details Example Two Example Three - 30.00 USD

Example One, Full Colors Exaple Two Example Three - 40.00 USD

Please note that there's an extra charge per additional character of 5.00 USD for basic details and 10.00 USD for full details.

Paypal only, because it's the only way I can get paid through the internet; details on transacting payments will be emailed to you.

Also, I don't mail out originals, as rule of thumb, mostly because our postal service is notoriously deathly for mail, so I'll just mail you prints if you want them. When your commission is over I will note you with a DL link to the hi-res file of your commission, or email it to you. Want a print of it instead? See below.

Prints & Shipping [OPTIONAL]
Shipping is 5.00 USD, air mail, to anywhere. I don't send out the original sketch/inks for many reasons, but I will include the drafts or a sketch for free.

Comment here if you're interested, or email me at kidcorva[AT]yahoo[DOT]com! That's pretty much it. 8D

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